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Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

If you have a disability that prevents you from working, or if you have limited income and resources, you could be eligible for monetary benefits under the federal Social Security disability (SSD) system. There are two SSD programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which is available to qualifying individuals who have earned sufficient work credits, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is available to individuals who are 65 years old or older, blind, or disabled and who have limited income.

Filing an SSDI or SSI claim can be confusing, and most first-time SSD applications are denied. We strongly recommend that you reach out to Reinhardt | Harper | Davis to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable SSD attorneys in Richmond. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team can answer any questions you may have and provide detailed, personalized information specific to your situation during a free consultation and case review. We have helped countless clients successfully navigate the SSD system, and we are prepared to help you fight for the maximum benefits you are entitled to receive.

Whether you have yet to apply, or your SSD claim has already been denied, our team can help. Call (804) 294-2966 or contact us online for a free consultation.

What Is Social Security Disability?

Social Security disability, or SSD, is a federal government program that provides monetary benefits to disabled individuals or those who meet other specific qualifications.

There are two types of SSD:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: Generally speaking, SSDI is meant to assist individuals who become disabled due to work-related injuries or medical conditions. To qualify, one must have earned enough taxable income throughout their work history, as well as have a condition that meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of a “disability.”
  • Supplemental Security Income: SSI is intended to assist certain qualifying individuals who have limited income, means, and resources. To be eligible for SSI, one must prove that their income falls below a certain threshold and that they are either disabled, blind, or at least 65 years of age (with or without a disability).

In some cases, it may be possible to qualify for and receive both SSDI and SSI benefits. Our Richmond Social Security disability lawyers can review the details of your unique situation and provide more information regarding your legal rights and options.

How Long Do Social Security Disability Benefits Last?

Ostensibly, SSD benefits are meant to provide financial assistance for as long as you are unable to work or engage in any “substantial gainful activity” (SGA) due to your disability. Depending on the type of benefits you qualify for, you may not begin receiving benefits for several months. However, once your benefits begin, they should continue until a significant change in your situation makes you no longer eligible to continue receiving SSD benefits.

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) will periodically review your case, you are responsible for notifying the SSA if any of the following occurs:

  • Your injury, disability, or medical condition improves
  • You become able to work
  • You begin earning above the SGA limit
  • You return to work

You should also notify the SSA if you begin receiving other disability benefits, including workers’ compensation benefits or disability benefits offered through local, state, or federal programs. Our attorneys can help ensure that you remain in compliance with the SSA’s reporting requirements so that your benefits are not jeopardized.

If you believe your SSD benefits have been terminated early, or if you disagree with a change to your benefits, reach out to Reinhardt | Harper | Davis right away. Our Richmond Social Security disability lawyers can review your case and, if necessary, begin appeals actions to reinstate your benefits or dispute alterations to your payment schedule.

Appealing a Denied Social Security Disability Claim

Many people are surprised to learn that most initial SSD claims are denied. If your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim has been denied, you have the right to request an appeal. We strongly recommend that you appeal a denied SSD claim, rather than file a new claim, as this is your best chance of reversing the decision. When you appeal a denied claim, you have a much higher chance of having the decision reversed and recovering benefits in a timelier manner than if you restart the process.

In most cases, appealing a denied SSD claim involves the following steps:

  • Requesting a reconsideration for medical or non-medical determination
  • Requesting and attending a hearing before an administrative law judge
  • Requesting a review of the administrative law judge’s decision by an Appeals Council
  • Filing a civil lawsuit in federal court

Our Richmond SSD attorneys can assist you at each stage of the appeals process, helping put together paperwork, submit necessary documents, and prepare you and your case for hearings, interviews, and other proceedings. We have extensive experience navigating the SSD appeals process and have helped many clients reverse initial denials of their SSDI and SSI claims.

Our goal is always to help you recover the full, fair benefits you are owed. If you need help with any aspect of your Social Security disability claim, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Reinhardt | Harper | Davis today. There are no attorney fees for you unless/until we recover compensation on your behalf.

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