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Workers' Compensation

Every year, thousands of people are hurt on the job throughout the state of Virginia. The expense of medical bills, physical therapy and time off work can severely impact the quality of one’s life. At Reinhardt, Harper, Davis, our attorneys have years of experience in the area of workers’ compensation and work diligently to investigate claims, determine eligibility, and secure benefits for our clients. We represent clients all throughout the state of Virginia to pursue just compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

If you have been injured on the job, the first step is to determine workers’ compensation eligibility. Whether you’ve been injured in a construction, equipment, chemical, or electrical accident, our attorneys can examine whether you have a case and help you file a claim.

Virginia Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Filing workers’ compensation claims can seem overwhelming and confusing, but it’s what we do every day. While you focus on your recovery, our workers’ compensation attorneys can ensure your claim is filed properly and timely. At Reinhardt, Harper, Davis, we understand that every workers’ compensation case is different. In some cases, the injured party is able to return to work at a reduced pay rate. In other instances, injuries may not heal and a person is left to deal with permanent injuries. Some cases may result in a denied workers’ compensation claim. Whatever the situation may be, rest assured our attorneys have experienced it before and can help you navigate this area of law.

If you have been injured on the job, our attorneys are ready to assist you through each step of the process. To discuss the details of your case, schedule a no-obligation consultation today. Our experienced attorneys are available to answer your questions and provide the representation you need.

Workers' Compensation
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