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Social security disability is a type of insurance provided by the government to people who have been injured on the job and will be unable to return to work in the near future due to those injuries or disabilities. There are strict requirements for qualifying for this federal program, including meeting the government’s definition of disabled and applying correctly through the proper channels.

At Reinhardt, Harper, Davis, we have years of experience in the field of social security law and are able to assist first-time applicants as well as people who have had their previous social security disability claims denied. Our expert team of attorneys can help you properly file for social security disability and will fight on your behalf throughout the entire process. While it is common for social security disability claims to be denied, chances of approval are greatly increased by working with an attorney who is familiar with this area of law.

Our social security disability lawyers will walk you through every step of the application process and, if needed, continue to advocate on your behalf in an appeals process. We understand the stress that injuries and disabilities can have on your life and want to help you receive the benefits you need. Whether you’ve been recently disabled or have had your disability claims denied in the past, please contact the office of Reinhardt, Harper, Davis for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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