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While working at a trade show out of state in 2005, the claimant suffered a hernia while lifting boxes. The client came to Reinhardt Harper Davis in 2008 for help because the worker’s compensation carrier was denying his claim for lost wages. Because of complications of the hernia mesh repair resulting in nerve entrapment and constant ongoing pain, the claimant had multiple surgeries and procedures to attempt to eliminate and reduce the pain.

His claim for lost wages was denied by the worker’s compensation carrier and after a hearing and an appeal, the claimant prevailed and was awarded past due wages and an ongoing weekly check. Ultimately, the wage portion of the claim settled in 2012 for a lump sum plus a structured annuity payment providing for a guaranteed monthly payment for the next 8 years. The claimant continued to require significant ongoing medical care and treatment after the wage portion of the case settled. The carrier repeatedly denied significant portions of the ongoing medical care. Our office filed multiple claims every time medical care or treatment was denied. We prevailed on every issue before the VWC and the client received all the medical care ordered by his doctors. After our most recent win before the VWC requiring the carrier to pay for additional medication and treatment, the carrier finally agreed to discuss settling the medical portion of the claim and we were able to reach settlement on the second portion of the case.

Total value of the two settlements was a $1,070,878. In addition to the $1,070,878 in settlement proceeds, RHD was able to force the carrier to expend an excess of $990,000 in lost wages and medicals in addition to the two settlements. Total benefits we won for our client between settlements and payment of wages and medical was just over $2,000,000 ($2,060,878). At Reinhardt Harper Davis, we are committed to fighting for our clients as long as it takes to ensure they get the settlement and worker’s compensation benefits they are entitled to given their severe injuries. This case illustrates our dedication to our client over the course of 12 years to ensure he got the result he deserved.

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