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In a tragic and truly heart-wrenching case, our client was a young Mexican immigrant who had only recently obtained his work permit.

While working on a highway road crew in Norfolk, Virginia, our client was placing orange safety cones along one of the lanes as he sat on the back of a slow-moving flatbed truck. At 3:00 am, a drunk driver traveling at a high rate of speed swerved around a state police cruiser parked in the work zone with its blue lights activated and slammed into the rear of the truck on which our client was sitting. The impact crushed our client between the two vehicles resulting in guillotine amputations to both legs. Another attorney settled the client’s automobile accident case for $936,775.50. Craig B. Davis at Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC was retained to represent the client in his workers’ compensation case. After our client had received over $500,000 in workers' compensation benefits and medical treatment including prosthetic legs, we participated in a settlement mediation with the workers' compensation insurance carrier. Although the mediation was unsuccessful, we continued to fight for the rights of our client in an effort to obtain maximum compensation for his injuries. Based on evidence obtained from our client’s treating physicians, prostheticists, a nurse hired to prepare a life care plan, and an economist who projected his future financial needs, we were obtained a settlement for our client of $1,930,000.00.

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