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While stopped at a stop light, our client was struck from behind by another vehicle driven at a high rate of speed by a driver who had lost consciousness due to a medical issue.

The force of the collision pushed our client’s vehicle into the rear of the vehicle stopped in front of him and then over the median and into oncoming traffic where he was hit head-on. Our client was trapped inside his destroyed vehicle and had to be freed by rescue squad members using the Jaws of Life. Our client was diagnosed in the hospital with a very severe brain injury marked by a Glasglow Coma Scale of 5 and multiple brain bleeds. He also suffered multiple spinal fractures, a punctured lung, and other orthopedic injuries. He was in a coma for nine days and remained in the ICU for three weeks. He was then transferred to a brain injury rehabilitation unit for two months before being transferred to a nursing home. After struggling with brain injury symptoms for more than three years, our client’s doctors determined that his injuries were permanent and required ongoing treatment. Following a significant fight with the insurance company, we secured a settlement for our client’s in the amount of $1,220,000.00, which represented 99.5% percent of the available insurance. We also obtained settlements for the client’s fiancé and her son who were also injured in the accident. Craig B. Davis at Reinhardt | Harper | Davis was associated as co-counsel by a local criminal lawyer who was initially hired by the client. We welcome referrals from attorneys in other fields who wish to utilize our expertise in cases involving serious injuries.

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