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Our client worked for a private contractor hired to transport mail for the U.S. Postal service.

While operating a box truck on Route 29 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on October 24, 2009, a car traveling toward him in the opposite lane crossed over the center line and struck our client head on even after he pulled his truck all the way off the road surface onto the grassy shoulder. Our client sustained fractures to his left foot and ankle, and later developed a severe case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), that caused excruciating nerve pain, color changes on the skin of his leg, and temperature changes. Our client underwent multiple surgeries to his foot and ankle by an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist. After being diagnosed with CRPS, his physicians considered amputating his left leg before he came under the care of a pain management physician who treated him with pain medications, injections, nerve blocks, a spinal cord stimulator, and a morphine pain pump. Our client was also treated for by a psychiatrist for major depression, anxiety and avoidance disorder.

Local Danville attorney, Robert Whitt, hired Craig B. Davis at Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC as co-counsel after seeing him give a presentation on handling combined personal injury and workers’ compensation cases at a legal seminar. At the time of settlement, the workers' compensation insurance carrier had already paid our client almost $74,000 in compensation benefits and over $335,000 in medical expenses. The negligent driver tried to escape responsibility for our client's injuries by claiming she unexpectedly hydroplaned. She dropped this defense after we obtained her medical records in which she repeatedly told her doctors she had no recollection of how the accident happened.

At a global mediation conducted in Danville, we settled our client’s personal injury case for $831,000.00, which represented 98% of the available insurance coverage, and settled the workers’ compensation claim for $369,619.09, for a total combined recovery of $1,200,619.09.

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