Social Security Disability Lawyers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Social Security Disability Lawyers in Fredericksburg, VA

If you live in Fredericksburg, VA and have had your social security disability claim denied, Reinhardt, Harper, Davis can help you! We have years of experience in the field of social security law and work with first-time applicants as well as people who have had their claims denied. Due to the complicated application process and strict qualification requirements, many people end up with their requests turned down by the government. Our social security disability lawyers can maximize your chances of success.

Our Fredericksburg attorneys can help you:

  • Compile information for medical records
  • Review reasons for denied Social Security claims
  • Request reconsideration of appeals
  • Prepare you or any witnesses for hearings and interviews

Our attorneys understand the process inside and out and have successfully obtained social security disability insurance for numerous clients.

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If you need help obtaining social security disability insurance or your claim has been denied, contact the social security lawyers at our Fredericksburg office for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will help you with the application process and, if needed, advocate for you in an appeals process. If you’ve been injured, your income may depend on social security disability insurance. Let our experienced attorneys help you get your request approved.

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