Case Results

  • $8.9 million
    Personal Injury
    Reinhardt | Harper | Davis obtained a settlement for a client in a motor vehicle accident case for more than $8.9 million dollars.
  • $6.2 Million
    Brain Injury
    An 18-year old construction worker was struck in the head by a heavy piece of equipment while on the job. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Efforts to return the plaintiff to some form of gainful employment failed, and he was eventually ...
  • $5.3 Million
    Workers’ Compensation
    Claimant suffered a slip and fall at work in 2014. As a result of the fall, the claimant suffered injuries including but not limited to head, brain, and back injuries. Eventually the claimant’s medical issues included chronic pain and inflammation. ...
  • $3.9 Million
    Quadriplegic Injury
    Claimant is a 42 year old quadriplegic as a result of a fall from a second story balcony. He required 24/7 home health care which was being provided by the workers’ compensation carrier. At a mediation, the parties were able to successfully resolve ...
  • $3.8 Million
    Workers' Compensation
    Claimant is a 30-year-old incomplete quadriplegic as a result of a fall to a concrete floor from the upper level of a home construction site. Claimant now lives with his mother in a rental house. He filed a claim to obtain 24/7 home health care. The ...
  • $2.5 Million
    Workers' Compensation
    The claimant was operating a front-end loader trash truck when it was struck head-on by a large dump truck. As a result of that accident, the claimant suffered severe injuries including traumatic brain injury, broken sternum, broken clavicle, broken ...
  • $2.0 Million
    Workers' Compensation
    While working at a trade show out of state in 2005, the claimant suffered a hernia while lifting boxes. The client came to Reinhardt Harper Davis in 2008 for help because the worker’s compensation carrier was denying his claim for lost wages. Because ...
  • $1.9 Million
    Workers' Compensation
    In a tragic and truly heart-wrenching case, our client was a young Mexican immigrant who had only recently obtained his work permit. While working on a highway road crew in Norfolk, Virginia, our client was placing orange safety cones along one of ...
  • $1.6 Million
    Auto Accident
    Our client, who was a supervisor for a commercial roofing company, was struck from behind by a van operated by an employee of a HVAC service company while driving his employer’s king cab pick-up. Despite photographs that revealed very little damage ...
  • $1.5 Million
    Personal Injury
    The 75-year-old plaintiff was struck from behind at a high rate of speed by a full-size pick-up truck after he slowed for backed-up traffic. Liability was never contested, as the defendant left a note for the plaintiff at the hospital, in which he ...
  • $1.2 Million
    Brain Injury
    While stopped at a stoplight, our client was struck from behind by another vehicle driven at a high rate of speed by a driver who had lost consciousness due to a medical issue. The force of the collision pushed our client’s vehicle into the rear of ...
  • $1.2 Million
    Head-On Collision
    Our client worked for a private contractor hired to transport mail for the U.S. Postal service. While operating a box truck on Route 29 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on October 24, 2009, a car traveling toward him in the opposite lane crossed over ...
  • $1.2M Settlement + Approx $1.5M in Past Benefits
    Personal Injury
    Claimant suffered injury in 2012. At the time she was working as a nurse at a psychiatric facility where she was attached by a patient and suffered head injuries when her head was slammed against the concrete floor on two separate occasions. We were ...
  • $1.1 Million
    Brain Injury
    The claimant, who was the owner of a company that provided maintenance services to commercial entities, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury with multi-lobe cerebral hemorrhage following a fall from a ladder. Other injuries included pelvic ...
  • $968,000
    Motor Vehicle Accident
    Our 50-year-old client was driving a water truck in a convoy of vehicles for a large paving company when the defendant ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of him. Our client was forced to turn sharply to the left in an attempt to avoid the ...
  • $936,000
    Workers' Compensation
    The claimant was operating an asphalt cutter when the excavator backed up over his legs amputating both legs about mid-calf. His low wages at the time of the accident entitled him to a weekly compensation only slightly over the minimum compensation ...
  • $718,874
    Traumatic Amputation
    Our client suffered a traumatic amputation to his left arm while operating a machine at a production facility on June 24, 2008. His modest earnings at the time of the accident limited him to a very low weekly workers’ compensation rate. At the time ...
  • $463,000
    Work Injury
    The client was a 35-year-old gentleman who injured his hands/ wrists in a work accident. As a consequence of that injury, he developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS). After initially being denied, counsel was ...
  • $400,000
    Workers' Compensation
    The claimant was injured in a work accident on September 29, 2000. Counsel was hired after the original claim was denied by the workers' compensation carrier. The original hearing was held and the claimant prevailed. Over the course of ...
  • $325,000
    Work Vehicle Accident
    Claimants suffered horrific injuries in 2018. At the time, the claimant was operating a roll-off truck. His job was to pick up and move dumpsters from construction sites. On the day of the accident in question, the claimant dropped the dumpster off ...
  • $175,000
    Workers' Compensation
    The case involved a death case where the claimant died in a horrific motor vehicle accident while he was at work when he suffocated after his vehicle filled with sand following a crash.
  • $92,500
    Workers' Compensation
    Reinhardt | Harper | Davis settles workers' comp case case for almost THREE TIMES the amount recommended by our client’s prior attorney. The prior attorney had recommended that the client accept a settlement of $35,000. After a few months, Craig’s ...

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