But My Job Does Not Have Light Duty! - Medical Restrictions And Marketing

If your doctor writes you restrictions related to your work injury, you need to give your Employer a copy of those restrictions to see if there is work within your restrictions. Do not assume, just because your job is heavy duty, that your Employer does not have work for you. This could be considered refusal of modified duty and also potentially trigger a termination which prevents you from getting wage benefits.

If your doctor gives you work restrictions and your job notifies you it does not have work that complies with those restrictions, you have a duty to market your residual work capacity. Marketing involves making a good faith, well documented, search for jobs that are reasonably within your skills, training and experience, and reasonably within your work restrictions. Just because you may think that no one would hire you does not relieve you of the marketing requirement. Claims for wages are aggressively defended, and marketing that does not meet the VWCC’s requirements will likely sink your wage claim.