Reinhardt | Harper | Davis settles case for almost THREE TIMES the amount recommended by our client’s prior attorney

Background: Typically, you only see personal injury law firms publicize the results of their biggest cases and largest settlements.

Sometimes, however, it is the results in smaller cases that actually demonstrate how hard your attorney will work for you. At Reinhardt | Harper | Davis, PLC we never stop working for our clients no matter the size of their case, no matter how long we are required to fight, and no matter how much work it takes to obtain a great result. Recently, Craig B. Davis at Reinhardt | Harper | Davis agreed to represent an injured worker who had fired his prior attorney after becoming unhappy with his advice. The prior attorney had recommended that the client accept a settlement of $35,000.00 because of what he perceived as difficulties with the case. After being retained, Craig simply refused to believe the amount recommended by the prior lawyer represented a fair result for the client. Instead, Craig went to work to fix the problems with the case by meeting with the client’s doctors, obtaining expert medical reports, and consulting with the client on what steps he could take to help overcome the problems with his case. After a few months, Craig’s hard work resulted in a settlement of $92,500.00, an amount almost three times the amount recommended by his prior attorney.

In his own words: According to our client, his first attorney “made a mess of things.” Once he hired Craig, however, he stated: “my case was handled as if it was personal to the attorney and to the paralegal.” According to our client, “Mr. Davis is an awesome attorney.” We are grateful for those kind words and he was right. His case was personal to us, and we owed him the best we could do.

At Reinhardt | Harper | Davis, we will never take the easy way out, we will never shy away from doing the hard work on our clients’ cases, and we will never recommend that our clients accept a lower settlement amount just to get the case over with. Although our attorneys each have hundreds of active cases going on, we never forget how important each case is to our clients and their family. Please allow us to put our knowledge and determination to work for you.