Kyle's Success Story

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to begin working with our client, Kyle H. Kyle lost both legs in a tragic accident at work when he was run over by a rail car. Facing doctors telling him that he will never walk again, Kyle’s wife was also expecting their first child at any moment. She gave birth at VCU where Kyle was hospitalized and they were all able to stay in the same room. Kyle was determined to prove the doctors wrong.

Today, Kyle came in the office to sign his settlement documents to put an end to this chapter of his life. We couldn’t be prouder of Kyle and are so happy to have obtained a great result for him. There’s never been any quit in Kyle as anyone who knows him could tell you. Kyle and his family touched our hearts then and have re-affirmed why we do this work every day since. These days, he’s back at work earning more than he was making at the time he was injured and living a fulfilling life with his wife and children. Thank you for the sincere privilege of representing you Kyle and allowing us to go along this journey with you. You are an inspiration each & every day.

attorney and client standing next to each other