Can I Claim Worker’s Compensation Benefits if I Am Injured While Working at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes, if you are working at home (remotely) and injure yourself while working, your case could be compensable under the Worker’s Compensation Act. In order for an injury to be covered by workers’ compensation for an accident at home, you must prove that the accident and injury arose out of and in the course of employment.

What does that mean? It means you have to prove the accident happened while you were working, that the accident occurred where you were reasonably expected to be while working (such as at your desk or table where you work in the home or nearby), and that it occurred while you were fulfilling employment duties or performing a task related to your job. If these requirements are met, an accident at home is likely to be covered by workers’ compensation laws. Insurance companies and employers will likely deny claims for accidents that occur while working at home. To protect yourself, don’t give a recorded statement about how your work accident at home occurred without calling an attorney first. Any statement you make could help the insurance company deny your claim.

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