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Often, a work-related back injury can result in long-term or permanent damage and significantly impact a worker's ability to maintain employment in his or her field, if at all. Employees who have suffered a back injury at work can turn to Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC in Richmond, VA, to help ensure that their rights are protected and the liable parties are held responsible. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, reach out to our practice today.

Common Causes of Workplace Back Injuries

A man holding his lower back in painAlthough back injuries can occur in nearly any line of work, some industries pose a greater risk than others. These industries include:


Construction accidents can be caused by many different factors because of the number of hazards that exist at a typical work site. Most notably, back injuries are common on construction sites because workers often need to:

  • Remain bent over for extended periods of time
  • Lift heavy equipment or construction materials and transport them by hand over long distances
  • Use power tools, such as jackhammers, that can impact the muscles and spine


Like construction, mining places a physical toll on workers. Common hazards faced by miners include:

  • Confined operating spaces
  • Having to crouch for extended periods of time
  • Having to lift heavy equipment and raw materials by hand
  • Having to operate power tools

All of these factors can contribute to a back injury, which can leave miners without a source of income.


Although many people do not think of healthcare as a dangerous industry, there are a number of factors that can lead to back injuries in the workplace. For example, doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals often have to move heavy patients or assist those who are unable to move themselves, while hazards in hospitals can result in a slip and fall.

Manual Labor

Virtually any form of manual labor can lead to a back injury, and you do not have to work in a labor-intensive industry in order to be eligible for financial compensation. No matter if you suffered a back injury while working as a mechanic, delivery driver, stock clerk or package handler, we can help.

Special Considerations in Back Injury Cases

Unlike most on-the-job injuries, a back injury can easily result in long-term or permanent damage and require ongoing rehab and expensive medical care, which makes these types of cases unique. As a result, we strongly encourage you to seek legal assistance if you or someone you love suffered a back injury on the job.

Our experienced team will counsel you on your rights, work to determine the cause of your back injury, and recommend the best course of action moving forward. If we believe that you have a case, we will fully commit ourselves to maximizing your recovery. In cases involving workplace back injuries, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

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