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Determining Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

The personal injury attorneys at Reinhardt, Harper, Davis PLC have the investigative skills and connections with accident experts to fight the inherent bias against motorcyclists and determine who is truly responsible for causing an accident. If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, it is in your best interest to contact our Richmond, VA, firm. We understand the processes essential to determining liability in motorcycle accidents and can help you collect the restitution you deserve. To schedule a case review, please call (800) 884-9507 or send us a message online.

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If you are a motorcyclist injured in an accident you believe was no fault of your own, an attorney's help is essential.

Virginia’s Pure Contributory Negligence Rule

The state of Virginia has a pure contributory negligence rule. This means that accident victims must establish 100 percent liability in order to collect damages. If it is found that the other driver is only partially at fault, the victim cannot collect damages.

Insurance companies are familiar with this law and will go to extreme measures to prove the insured driver was either not at fault or was only partially at fault, thus negating the victim’s claim. It is always in a motorcycle accident victim’s best interest to speak with an attorney and defer all questions from a claims adjuster to his or her lawyer.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

To determine and establish liability in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the scene of the accident. If necessary, we can meticulously reconstruct the accident to gather further evidence. We will also identify and speak with any witnesses and obtain police reports and results of any DUI tests.

In addition, our attorneys can call on expert testimony to prove the other party was completely at fault for the accident. As a result, we can often secure fair and just compensation for an injured motorcyclist’s losses.

Bias Against Motorcyclists

The general population views motorcyclists as reckless, which can work against them when cases go to court in front of a judge and jury. They are often unfairly blamed for the accident and may be accused of speeding or other reckless behaviors.

At Reinhardt, Harper, Davis PLC, we can build a powerful case that transcends bias so that you can collect the compensation you deserve.

Reckless motorcyclists are the exception, not the rule. More often than not, accidents involving motorcyclists are caused by negligent drivers of other vehicles. A driver may fail to look before changing lanes or make a wide turn that causes a collision with a motorcyclist.

At Reinhardt, Harper, Davis PLC, we can build a powerful case that transcends bias so that you can collect the compensation you deserve.

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