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When Are Offsite Injuries Considered Work-related?

July 2, 2018 — by Andrew Reinhardt
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Work injury claim formWorkplace injuries are common, which is why employers are required to provide worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation is intended to cover the cost of medical treatment for a workplace injury that is sustained while an individual is performing work duties, as well as to help cover additional losses such as reduced or lost wages.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always make it easy to file a work injury claim. In some cases, a worker’s comp claim may even be denied. Getting worker’s compensation coverage may be especially tricky when an injury takes place offsite.

The experienced attorneys at Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC understand when offsite injuries are considered work-related, and are ready to assist our Richmond, VA clients in receiving the benefits they deserve for these types of injuries. Here, we go over some of the circumstances that would classify an offsite injury as work-related.

An Injury that Occurs While Traveling

Many jobs require an employee to do some traveling. There are even positions that require continual traveling and lack of a fixed job site. If an employee is traveling for work and is injured in the process, that injury can most likely be classified as a work injury.

Some factors that make it easy to prove an injury that occurs while traveling is work-related is whether the cost of travel was covered by the employer (or was meant to be reimbursed), or if the employee was using an employer’s mode of transport (such as a company car) while traveling. Each of these suggest that the travel was part of the employee’s work duties, which would mean any injuries sustained are work-related.

Injuries at a Company-sponsored Event

When people think of work, they imagine the day-to-day tasks that are performed while on duty. However, there are many company-sponsored events that take employees out of the usual scope of their job performance.

For instance, many companies throw holiday parties or host barbecues to celebrate company anniversaries or other achievements. If an employee is injured while celebrating at a work function, he or she may still be due worker’s compensation benefits. As long as the event was officially sponsored by the company (not just a casual get-together of coworkers), any sustained injuries should be considered work-related.

Injuries Sustained during a Company-sponsored Recreational Activity

It is quite common for companies to host recreational activities to boost company morale and promote team-building. These may include a company softball game, a group fitness class, or a team-building obstacle course.

Similarly, many employees are asked to host recreational activities that allow them to engage more comfortably with clients, such as playing a round of golf.

Just because these activities don’t seem like typical “work,” they are sponsored by the company, which means any injuries sustained at these types of events should be covered by worker’s comp benefits.

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Any employee who has questions about whether an injury is work-related or been denied coverage for an injury sustained during a company-sponsored event should contact us to learn more about worker’s compensation. The experienced work injury attorneys at Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC are happy to listen to the details of your case and advise you on your best course of legal action.

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