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Crane Construction Accident Injuries: Dangers for Workers

April 27, 2018 — by Jessica Graziano
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Large construction cranesWhen construction accidents occur, the injuries sustained can be catastrophic and even fatal. That’s why the lawyers of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC take these kinds if incidents so seriously. When construction workers and their loved ones come to our law firm serving Richmond, VA, our attorneys take extra time to listen and to offer expert counsel.

Crane accidents claim dozens of lives each year in the United States, and cause terrible injuries when they happen. We’d like to consider your legal options following crane accidents.

Crane Accident Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries examined crane accident numbers between the years 2011-2015. They found the following numbers on fatal crane accidents for each year:

  • 2015 - 45 fatalities
  • 2014 - 48 fatalities
  • 2013 - 43 fatalities
  • 2012 - 47 fatalities
  • 2011 - 37 fatalities

Of these fatalities, 42 percent occurred in the private construction industry. One-third of fatalities were linked to the transportation and material moving fields. Another 24 percent of these fatal crane injuries were related to the manufacturing industry.

Common Causes of Crane Accidents

Using the findings above, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that three-fifths of fatalities were the result of objects falling from the crane or workers being struck by equipment. Another 14 percent of fatal crane injuries involved transportation problems or falling to lower levels.

Around 22 percent of these fatal accidents claimed the lives of crane operators; another 22 percent claimed the lives of workers outside of the crane who were involve in assembling, construction, or dismantling activities.

Injuries from Crane Accidents Can Be Severe

If the crane accident does not prove fatal, the injuries sustained from the incident can be catastrophic and debilitating. Falling objects can lead to severe head trauma and brain injuries given the weight and force of these materials. Broken arms and the loss of a limb may occur as well given the damage that can be done by such heavy objects.

There is a very real danger of spinal cord injury to consider as well. The crane injury can lead to paraplegia or quadriplegia depending on the nature of the accident. While many of the other injuries we’ve noted means lifelong changes to the way you go about daily life, the loss of the use of limbs related to these spinal injuries can be especially challenging.

Issues with Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Following a crane accident injury, some workers may be denied their worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits are extremely helpful while recovering from an injury, covering some medical expenses and living expenses while in the process of recuperating. Sadly, insurance companies can sometimes deny people these benefits.

Our legal team can help workers and their families fight for their insurance benefits. We will assist in the appeals process and make sure your needs and situation are heard.

Seeking Legal Action Against an Employer

Sometimes a crane accident is the direct result of negligence. In such situations, a contractor or construction company may be at fault. Perhaps work conditions were dangerous, or maybe the crane was in need of maintenance that could have prevented the accident from occurring.

If you feel that a company or third-party was responsible for a crane accident occurring, our lawyers would like to hear from you. We can go over the circumstances of your case and determine if you have a case worth pursuing. The damages sought can help cover medical bills and other losses related to your injuries or to the tragic passing of a loved one.

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