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Roofing Injuries and Accidents at Construction Sites

November 27, 2017 — by Jessica Graziano
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Roofing Injuries and Accidents at Construction SitesWorking in construction can be dangerous. While many construction sites are safe and workers are able to perform their jobs without danger, construction accidents can happen. When they happen, the consequences for injury victims can be severe.

The lawyers of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC have helped countless construction workers and their loved ones in the greater Richmond area receive just compensation following injuries and accidents at the workplace. Since roofing can often lead to catastrophic and fatal accidents, we'd liked to consider the real dangers posed by these kinds of accidents.

The Dangers of Roofing

Numbers from the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) Data Center reveal the dangers of this sort of work. Between the years 1992 and 2009, falls from roofs accounted for roughly one-third of all fatal construction worker falls.

Let's break the numbers down further. In that timeframe, 20,498 fatalities occurred from construction accidents. Of that number, 6,591 were fall-related; and of this number, 2,163 fatalities were specifically the result of falls from roofs. For people who work in roofing, falls account for 76 percent of all occupational fatalities.

Slips or Falls from the Roof

One of the most common causes of accidents while working on a roof involves falls from the roof itself. The same can be said of falls from scaffolding or ladders that allow people access to the roof. The higher the height, the more serious the injuries that might occur.

Roof and Scaffold Collapse

In addition to falls from the roof, there are injuries and falls that may occur as a result of structural collapse. A roof may cave in, leading to major injuries for roofers as well as anyone within the building. Scaffolding collapses similarly lead to many dangers for anyone near a work site.

Problems with Safety Equipment

Most people who work in roofing have safety lines, safety markers, nets, and other equipment in place to help prevent falls are reduce the severity of injuries that occur. If this equipment is not used or simply not present at a workplace, that could be a sign of negligence.

Poor Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, and high winds can turn an otherwise safe roof into a dangerous environment for workers. Given the risks involved, construction workers should not be forced to work on a roof when the weather is poor. It's a common sense measure to keep people safe.

Objects Falling from Roofs and Scaffolds

In addition to all of the above issues, one must also consider the dangers of tools, roofing materials, and other objects falling from a roof. The people below might experience severe head trauma and other injuries given the amount of force involved as an object drops from a height. Hard hats are helpful in reducing the severity of injuries, but they may not be enough.

Was the Roof Safe for Workers?

When an attorney considers these kinds of accidents, there's a fundamental focus on safety. If the roof was not safe for workers, their employer may be negligent and put their employees at risk. If you feel that was the case, be sure to speak with our law firm. We can offer you the legal counsel and assistance you need in these matters.

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