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Amputation and Loss of Limbs: Construction Accident Legal Options

June 28, 2017 — by Jessica Graziano
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Using a power tool at a work siteAmputation injuries refer to any kind of incident in which a worker loses a limb, a finger, or a toe. It's been estimated that amputation injuries comprise roughly 5 percent of all construction accidents that occur each year. The lawyers at our Richmond law firm have seem a number of construction accident cases that involve these sorts of serious injuries.

It's possible for an amputation to result in the loss of multiple fingers and toes, or the lost of multiple limbs. In some cases, the amputated part of the body can be reattached and saved, though even in successful reattachment cases, the reattached part of the body tends to experience issues with movement, strength, proper use, and/or sensation.

Causes of Amputation Injuries

There are many potential causes of amputation injuries at an average work site. Some of the common causes include the following:

  • Machinery, Tool, and Equipment Problems – When a power tool is handled improperly or malfunctions, the chances of a serious injury increase immensely. The same goes for any issues with construction equipment and machinery that is used on the job.

  • Major Falls – When a person falls from a high place, there's an increased chance that a limb may be severely injured upon landing. The limb may not be able to be saved, necessitating amputation.

  • Falling Heavy Objects – When a large and heavy object falls, it can serious pinch or crush whatever is underneath. If a hand or a foot is crushed by a heavy object, this can lead to serious injuries of the fingers and toes if not the hand and foot as a whole.

  • Lack of Safety Equipment – A lack of sufficient safety equipment at a work site can increase the risk of many kinds of injuries, including amputations. This safety equipment may be as simple as nets or safety lines, or guards to protect hands while operating machinery.

  • Vehicle Accidents – Heavy machinery and other vehicles are essential parts of construction sites. When vehicle accidents occur at a work site, the injuries can potentially lead to the loss of a limb or other sorts of amputations.

How Amputation Injuries Impact Your Life

The loss of even just a finger or a toe can lead to many changes in your daily life as well as your overall livelihood.

  • Reduced Use of the Affected Limb – Even just the loss of a finger or toe could mean changes in the way you can use your limb effectively.

  • Changes in How You Perform Tasks – Amputation injuries means adjusting the way you perform simple tasks, from using a tool to operating a vehicle.

  • Need for a Prosthetic – For some injury victims, they may need to wear a prosthetic of some form following their accident to get around or to function in daily life.

  • Inability to Do the Same Work – Some amputation injuries result in an inability to perform the same tasks on the job. An entire line of work may no longer be viable for some catastrophic work injury victims.

  • Need for Physical Rehabilitation – Physical rehabilitation is essential for many people who have lost limbs. This can be a lengthy and even lifelong process.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Construction and workplace injury attorneys will examine the circumstances of your case and help hold negligent parties responsible for their actions. Lawyers can help obtain damages for a client, which can cover medical expenses as well as the costs associated with the impact on life and livelihood.

For injured workers who have been denied workers' compensation benefits, an injury attorney can help with the process of receiving the benefits that you deserve and to which you are entitled.

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