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How Power Tools Can Lead to Serious Work Injuries

January 27, 2017 — by Jessica Graziano
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Using a power sander toolWhen people in and around Richmond are harmed while on the job, they know that they can come to our law firm for sound legal advice. Our team of experienced workplace injury attorneys have helped countless accident victims and their loved ones in the litigation process.

Some of the most common kinds of construction injuries we see involve power tools. Let's explore these matters in more detail.

Numbers on Power Tool Injuries

It's been estimated that injuries related to power tools result in 400,000 emergency room visits every year in the United States. These hundreds of thousands of incidents include both work-related and non-work injuries.

Power tools contribute to some of the leading causes of construction worker injuries in this country, which should come as no surprise. Even though construction workers are skilled with their tools, the frequent use of these tools increases the chance of an accident occurring.

What Types of Power Tools Commonly Injury Workers?

Some of the most common power tools that cause injuries include:

  • Nail guns
  • Table saws
  • Chainsaws
  • Circular saws
  • Drills
  • Jackhammers
  • Sanders

Keep in mind that any sort of tool used at a work site can potentially cause a serious injury.

Common Reasons for Power Tool Injuries

Some of the most common reasons for power tool injuries include:

  • Inattentiveness by the person using the tool
  • Inexperience with the type of power tool used
  • Unexpected mishaps or events while using power tools
  • Overconfidence with power tool proficiency
  • Poor design or manufacturing flaws of the power tool
  • Using the wrong tool for the wrong job
  • Failure to wear goggles and face protection
  • Lack of safety gloves
  • Improper work attire

Safety Should Always Be a Priority at a Work Site

If you work in construction or any sort of industrial occupation that involves the use of power tools, it's of the utmost importance that you be attentive and safe at all times. Wear gloves, face and eye protection, and proper work clothes when operating any sort of power tool. Be sure to look out for your fellow worker as they go about their business, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Making Sure Power Tools Function Properly

To avoid issues related to malfunctioning power tools, be sure that the tools are proper stored and kept when not in use. If blades or other parts seem worn, make sure they are repaired. Routine service or maintenance of the power tool can be crucial for the tool to function properly and for the tool to be used without potentially causing injury.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

If the injury you sustained was the result of someone's negligence, such as a third party, your employer, or the manufacturers of a power tool, our lawyers can help you seek justice. We will hold the negligent party accountable and seek compensation from them for the injuries you have sustained.

Similarly, if you have been denied workers' compensation coverage, our lawyers can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. We will help you with filings and paperwork, and discuss other options out there that can help you recuperate with dignity.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

For more information about your legal options following a serious work injury, be sure to contact our team of work accident and injury attorneys today. The lawyers of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC will help you in your time of legal need.

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