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Workplace Accidents Can Lead to Serious Hand Injuries

October 30, 2016 — by Andrew Reinhardt
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Mending an injured handThe lawyers of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC are here to help the people of Richmond following serious accidents and injuries. When people are hurt on the job, we offer expert legal advice on workers' compensation issues as well as legal representation in lawsuits against negligent employers and third parties.

Major injuries that affect the head and spine can lead to major changes in someone's life. We want to focus on another kind of injury that can be just as impactful in a different way. By this we mean injuries to the hands.

The Dangers of Hand Injuries

Hand injuries can be extremely severe, especially when they occur in construction jobs or industrial workplaces. Whether these injuries affect the fingers, the palms, or the wrists, the injuries can have lasting repercussions. It's possible to lose fingers in some horrific accident, and even lose the use of one's hand or hands.

Because of these dangers, it's of the utmost importance that workers remain attentive while on the job.

Causes of Hand Injuries

Some potential causes of hand injuries include the following:

  • Power tool accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Crushed or pinched between objects
  • Falls or the act of breaking a fall
  • Burns (fire, acids, hot liquids)
  • Electrocution or shocks
  • Repetitive stress

All of these causes of injury can be life-changing. Keep in mind that arm injuries can also lead to problems with the use of the wrists and hands as well.

Long-Term Effects of Hand Injuries

There are 19 bones in the hand and 8 bones of the wrist. In addition, there are numerous nerves, ligaments, and muscles that interact with one another. When a hand is seriously injured, it's possible for someone to experience long-term problems using their hands.

Nerve damage can cause the loss of sensation in the hands or even a lack of steadiness of the hands. Broken bones or damaged muscle can make certain hand movements difficult to do. With the loss of fingers, injury victims will experience numerous limitations in terms of their professional and daily life.

Even if someone can still technically use their hands, that person's overall grip can be adversely affected. In addition, the ability to perform fine movements of the fingers can be changed severely after an accident.

Loss of Use of the Hands

In serious hand injuries, people may lose the ability to use their hands.

The most extreme example of this is when an injured hand is lost in an accident. The hand may also be so serious injured that surgical amputation is recommended.

A less extreme example involves major nerve damage. This can seriously reduce one's ability to move their fingers and feel in their fingers. Sometimes their hand or their fingers may be restricted in terms of motion, locked in a position as a result of the injury.

Ways to Protect Your Hands from Harm at Work

When working with power tools or with heavy machinery, it's best to exercise additional caution. Wear work gloves and any other protective gear as recommended. If there are safeguards in place with a machine or tool that can help prevent any sort of injury, be sure that they are used.

How Work Injury Attorneys Can Help You

If you lose even partial use of your hands, it can have a major impact on your daily life and your career. When these kinds of injuries are the result of negligence by people at your workplace, it may be possible to seek damages that cover lost wages, future lost earnings, and the cost of medical care. An attorney can help you decide whether to accept workers' compensation for your injury or to pursue a legal action.

Learn More About Your Legal Rights

For more information about your legal rights following a serious injury on the job, be sure to contact our work injury and accident law firm today. The lawyers of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC will help you receive just compensation for your injuries and the hardships the incident may have caused.

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