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Scaffolding Problems Can Lead to Workplace Accidents and Injuries

September 27, 2016 — by Jessica Graziano
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Construction workers on scaffoldingHere at Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC, we provide sound legal assistance to injury and accident victims in the greater Richmond area. Construction accidents and industrial accidents can lead to major harm, so having an experienced workplace injury attorney and accident lawyer can make a major difference when seeking justice.

Given how ubiquitous scaffolds are in construction jobs, great amounts of care must be taken to ensure their safety. We'd like to consider the different kinds of dangers associated with scaffolding right now.

There Are Many Dangers Associated with Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an essential part of many different kinds of labor around existing structures, whether it be construction or restoration jobs. While scaffolding tends to be safe, it can pose a number of dangers to workers as well as passersby, which is why all sorts of incidents that involve scaffolding need to be taken seriously.

Falls from Scaffolding

Falls are one of the more common scaffolding accidents. These can be quite deadly. When a worker falls from a major height, he or she may suffer from broken bones, spinal cord injuries, massive head trauma, and severe damage to their internal organs. If the results of these kinds of accidents aren't fatal, they can have lifelong and tragic repercussions.

If someone falls from a scaffolding, they may strike a co-worker or a passerby as they hit the ground, which can lead to serious harm for both parties.

Objects Dropped from Scaffolding

Objects that are dropped or that fall from scaffolding is another potential hazard to consider. A tool such as a screwdriver or a hammer can generate a great deal of velocity on its way down, resulting in serious harm. Someone struck in the head by this falling object may sustain serious head trauma, which can lead to brain damage and other major problems.

These kinds of incidents can affect workers and passersby. Injuries for passersby may be more severe since they are not wearing hard hats.

Collapse of Scaffolding

Total failure and collapse of scaffolding is very rare, but this is one of the most serious kinds of incidents that may occur. Workers on the scaffolding will fall to the ground, and anyone beneath the scaffolding will be crushed and struck by debris as it comes down. Victims of these accidents may be trapped under these collapsed structures, preventing urgent medical attention to be carried out in a timely fashion.

Takings Safety Seriously at Work Sites

It's of the utmost importance that construction companies and workers at any sort of construction job take matters that involve scaffolding seriously. The scaffolding should be properly build according to safety standards. Diligence must be taken to ensure that objects are not loose on surfaces or edges in such a way that they could fall. In addition, safety lines and other precautions should be considered to reduce the severity of falls from scaffolding should they occur.

How Our Work Injury Attorneys Can Help

When construction companies, contractors, or employees fail to observe safety standards, attorneys can help hold the negligent party accountable. Damages can be sought for medical expenses and other losses associated with the scaffolding accident. Punitive damages in particular can help prevent future incidents from occurring, preventing harm and saving lives in the process.

Learn More About Scaffold Accidents

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