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Workplace Injuries Caused by Unsafe Trenches or Holes

September 1, 2016 — by Jessica Graziano
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A construction worker holding a yellow hardhatAt the law firm of Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC, our skilled attorneys have extensive experience and a history of success in representing the rights of injured workers. Each workplace injury attorney at our firm devotes his full personal attention to every case he handles, providing a level of care and service that is rare in the legal field. As a result, our clients have come to expect legal representation of only the highest standard, as well as the best possible chance of bringing their workers’ compensation or personal injury case to a favorable conclusion.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC is that our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving a diverse range of workplace accidents and injuries. Although many people associate workplace injuries with falls from great heights or malfunctioning heavy equipment, devastating injuries and even deaths can also result from accidents involving trenches or holes. When it comes to litigating cases involving workplace injuries and trenches or holes, our Richmond, VA attorneys have the skills, experience, and resources to handle even the most complex claims successfully.

If you or a member of your family has been injured on the job due to an accident involving a trench or a hole, or if you have lost a family member due to such an accident, we urge you to contact Reinhardt Harper Davis, PLC today to arrange for an evaluation of your case.

Unsafe Trenches

Working in trenches is extremely dangerous, especially if proper safety precautions are not enforced. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established safety regulations to minimize the risk of working in trenches; however, these regulations are not always followed. In particular, trenches that are deeper than five feet are supposed to be supported by trench boxes in order to prevent cave-ins, while soil excavated from the trenches is not meant to be placed near the borders of the trench. Likewise, heavy machinery should not operate near the trench as this could cause the trench walls to become unstable. There should always be some means of escape within the trench in the event of a cave-in.

When workers are injured in unsafe trenches, they deserve workers’ compensation. If the unsafe trench was the responsibility of a third party, they may be entitled to pursue additional compensation through a personal injury claim.

Unsafe Holes

Unsafe holes on a worksite may take the form of small, undetectable holes that cause trip-and-fall accidents or large holes that, similarly to trenches, are not properly supported and therefore susceptible to collapse. Particularly deep holes that are not barricaded could put workers at risk of dangerous and potentially deadly falls.

Once again, if an unsafe hole is the responsibility of a third party, then the injured worker may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the third party in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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